Summer is officially here, leaving many working parents worried about what’s going on in their teens’ home lives over the break. Did you know the same security system that keeps your family and home safe can keep you connected to your home when you’re not there?

With a security system from Oberlander Alarm Systems powered by text alerts can be sent to notify parents of events happenings or of things that have not happened in the home regardless of whether the system is armed or disarmed. Texts alerts can include:

• If the front door is being open continuously or has been left open for over 5 minutes – “Just how many friends have been invited over?”

• If the back door was not been opened by 11:00am – “Has no one let the dog out all morning?”

• If the liquor or gun cabinet door has been opened

• If the thermostat has reached 65 degrees also integrates with z-wave enabled lights and door locks, and of course, the security system can be armed or disarmed right from the mobile device used every day.