About Us

Our Mission Statement:

To provide a quality product and installation at an industry competitive price supported by a superior commitment to end user satisfaction.

We are the only locally-owned and family-owned and managed Peoria alarm company.  We are now in our third generation of family ownership, providing quality products and service to our customers for over 50 years.

Oberlander Alarms: Illinois License No. 127.000834


            Owners: Doug Oberlander, Steve Kuster, and Greg Oberlander


The Oberlander Alarms Story

After the founding of Oberlander Electric in 1940 in Peoria, E. B. Oberlander dedicated himself to the pursuit of excellence for the company’s clients.

While wiring a well-known whiskey distillery in Peoria, E.B was asked to work on their fire system. At the time, he wasn’t familiar with fire equipment. However, he was so determined to provide excellent service to his customer, he went above and beyond to learn the fire system, and what steps were needed in the situation.

At that time, ADT was the only alarm company in the Central Illinois area. Seeing an opportunity in the market, Oberlander Protection Alarms was founded in 1956.

E. B. and the company expanded into security alarms, as well as fire systems. He partnered with Potter Electric of St. Louis, to set up Oberlander’s first central monitoring station in Oberlander’s office at the time, which was located on Main Street in Peoria. The partnership grew, and Jim Flotrone of Potter became a strong resource to the new Oberlander Protection Alarms, as well as becoming a friend of the Oberlander family.

Oberlander Alarms practices the same core values today – going above and beyond to provide the best service possible for our customers.

Why should you choose Oberlander Alarms as your alarm company?

1)  We offer the latest and newest quality technology.
2)  Our systems are non-proprietary.
3)  We are your neighbors.
4)  We have consistently held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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