Home Security Systems


Home Security Systems

Feeling safe and secure, and the peace of mind that comes with being in your home, are often taken for granted. While living in a good neighborhood is important, there really is no substitute for the peace of mind that comes from having a reliable home security system. In fact, houses without home security systems are three times more likely to be broken into, than homes with security systems (NBFAA).

A Home Security System Customized for your Home and Family

While some alarm companies advertise low installation prices, these “out of the box” systems seldom meet all the requirements of your home. Oberlander Alarms designs custom home security systems that fit the needs of each family and home. We understand that no two situations are alike, and will work with you to create a home security system that fits your home and family.

The size of your home, whether you have pets and children, and even your home’s physical location, are all factors that determine the type of security system that will best suit your needs.

Fast Alarm Response

Real security relies on a fast response when your alarm is activated. Unlike some systems that only alert you on your phone, or have monitoring that may not be of the highest professional quality, Oberlander Alarms’ home security systems use cellular technology and/or IP encrypted technology to communicate with our professional central monitoring station. This ensures a fast response from police and/or fire (depending on your system).

You can have peace of mind knowing that a real person is monitoring your system in our UL-listed central station, and calling emergency services for you and your family.

Straightforward and Honest

With Oberlander Alarms, there’s never bait and switch tactics, or deceptive disclaimers. We don’t try to “upsell” you into buying more of a home security system than what you need. Our trained staff analyzes your security needs, helps you to understand what system components will be beneficial, and makes sure you get the protection you need.


Our team has decades of experience (since 1956) with thousands of residential, commercial and fire system installations. You can rest assured that you are receiving professional service and installation of your home security system.

Quality Components

All our home security systems are made up of the highest quality components, from manufacturers like Honeywell, Bosch and Alarm.com.

Easy to Use

When your security system is integrated with your other smart devices, they work in harmony to create a system that enhances your comfort and convenience. This allows you to control all the components of your alarm system and smart home in one easy-to-use app from your smartphone.

Our systems give your peace of mind by providing intruder detection with state-of-the-art hardwired and wireless security alarm systems beyond the basic features of a main control panel, and control keypad.

We can protect your home from:

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Freezing pipes/low temperatures

Our state of the art home security systems:

  • are installed by trained technicians
  • are monitored by a UL-listed central monitoring station
  • can provide protection for all doors and movable openings: doors with glass; windows; vents; sliding doors
  • can include motion detectors for inside and outside
  • feature digital keypads with police, and fire buttons
  • include battery back-up power supply
  • can have interior and/or exterior sirens
  • can have strobes with or without siren for hard of hearing or deaf
  • include yard signs and window decals
  • include duress or panic buttons
  • can include environmental monitoring, which protects against pipes freezing or water in your basement or laundry room

In addition, you can arm, disarm and monitor your system from most web-enabled devices, including smartphones.

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