Smart Home

Smart Home Technology

Imagine using a single wireless device to control your entire home. With the app, you can control lights, shades, and temperature, as well as your home security system from anywhere – in your home, or on the go.  Smart home technology from Oberlander Alarms can give you peace of mind, and convenience in the palm of your hand.

What can Smart Home Automation do for you?

Home automation relies on the “Internet of things,” meaning all the Internet-connected devices we have presently in our lives.  Since all these devices are connected all the time, this gives you the power to control your home fully, from anywhere.

Smart home security works hand in hand with smart home automation. Since your security system is connected with your smart home, your entire system can understand your activity patterns – when you come home, when you leave, etc, and alert you to changes in your normal patterns.  This automatic feature keeps your family safe, by notifying you if there is any unusual activity.

  • Did you leave the back door open after 9 pm?
  • Was the sliding door opened at a strange time?
  • Your system will tell you.

Our system knows when you leave and come home.  It can automatically send you a reminder to arm your security system, turn your lights off, or even set the perfect temperature before you get home.

You can adjust multiple devices at the same time, and control your entire house with just one tap.

Whether you’re waking up or going to bed, your home can be the way you want it, instantly.

With, your intelligent home system keeps up with innovation, and will never be outdated. The system receives automatic, regular updates.

At Oberlander Alarms, we have a carefully-selected team of experts to assist you with the design, selection and installation of your system components for you, and leave you with  high-tech automated home that you’ve always dreamed of.

Contact us to for an introduction to smart home technology at no obligation.