Security Camera System

Oberlander Alarms is the choice for the best security camera system for your business or home.

We have everything you need to provide your business with a system that is custom-designed with each component, from the wireless cameras through network recording devices! Our knowledgeable team will work closely with you, during our consultation process so we can create a security camera system based on your specific needs – not just a “cookie cutter” system that we sell to everyone.

Our systems have cutting-edge capabilities that also can incorporate AI, so that the system automatically and accurately recognizes what is happening on your property. Whether your system is protecting your business or your residence, accurate video analytics is the key to triggering an alarm, and/or notifying human staff of a vehicle or human intrusion. Alarms and alerts can be custom-programmed based on your needs and specifications.

The capabilities that set our security camera system apart include:
People Detection
  • Always be aware of people entering your property with our people detection technology.
  • Our AI system distinguishes between people, animals, foliage, and weather, virtually eliminating false alarms.
Intrusion Detection
  • Again, you don’t have to worry about false triggers with our system.
  • An alarm can be set to be specifically triggered by humans or by vehicles. If someone enters the entire field of view, or just a predefined region, you will be notified.
  • Our security camera system allows you to receive an alarm if a line that you set on your property is crossed, or you can create a virtual fence during playback, and the recorder will display instances of when that line was crossed.
  • Alarms can also be tailored to be triggered upon exit from an area.
Vehicle Detection
  • Our systems allow you to keep track of all the vehicles entering an area that you specify, and be alerted when there is motion from a vehicle.
  • When active, you can also receive push notifications on your smartphone, or other equipment, when your system has detected a vehicle.
  • And just like other capabilities, you don’t have to worry about false alarms.
License Plate Detection
  • Our License Plate Recognition doesn’t just capture still images of license plates, it uses machine learning to actually comprehend individual alphabetical and numerical characters seen on the plate.
  • You can navigate through your database of captured plates, and search on individual characters. You can even associate different plates for different instances, and be notified whenever that specific plate is captured.
  • Whether you want to allow access to employee vehicles into your parking lot, or keep out known shoplifters, our License Plate Recognition can fit any security scenario.

Other Recorder/Camera Analytics:

Tampering Detection
  • Alarm can be triggered if the scene on the video has changed (i.e., objects moved, glass broken, etc.
  • Alarm can be triggered if the video becomes blurry.
  • Alarm can be triggered if video camera becomes obscured.
Object Detection

• Be alerted to objects left or
objects removed.
• Alert can be based off specific
regions, and if status changed
for specific length of time.

Smart Search
  • Create a specific region during playback and the
    recorder will display instances of changes in that region.