Access Control


Peoria Access Control

Since 1940, Oberlander Alarms has been helping the people of Peoria and the surrounding communities keep their properties safe, with the best security services and products available, including access control.

Access control is an increasingly important part of commercial and business security. These systems allow you to restrict access to certain parts of your property to certain individuals, while keeping a record of when people enter that area. It can provide convenient and fast access, as well as varying levels of security, that is not possible with simple locks.

Our custom access control systems can also provide controlled access to certain floors or rooms, or can limit who is allowed into your property as a whole. Programming the system can be set to allow entry only at specific times, or days of the week.

The systems designed by Oberlander Alarms can also provide reports based on your specific needs which can include, date and time ranges, specifically authorized persons, or locations. It can also include door status monitoring which can monitor when a door has been forced open or opened for too long. They can be managed from your computer at the office or over the Internet from your home office or smartphone.

Access control provides physical security to your property. What may not be so simple, however, is the type, or levels of control your business may need.

Each system is custom designed and programmed with your unique security needs in mind by the licensed professionals at Oberlander Alarms. We will work with you to create the control you need to keep your property and assets safe.

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