Home Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm

In the past, a home security system only safeguarded you from intruders, if the system was activated.  Now smart home systems also can include a fire alarm.

A smart home system from Oberlander Alarms can protect you against against intrusion, but also fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide.  A system can even be configured to alert you to the presence of water where it shouldn’t be.

The system’s connected network of sensors not only detects conditions that could be dangerous, but also takes automatic actions to alert you and your family. With connected smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, your system will instantly pinpoint a danger area in your home, and alert you, so you can move to safety.

If a fire is detected, the professional alarm monitoring service, that you can choose to have with your system, will be notified.  A professional will assess the situation, and dispatch the fire department, and emergency services, if needed. Whether you’re at home or away, your home and family will be safeguarded.

At the same time, your home’s alarm will sound, and your smartphones will receive an alert saying what is happening, and in what part of your property.   If you’re not home, you can visually confirm the alarm through optional video cameras.

Water sensors can also be added to your system, in any location that you would like to protect, such as under a sink, in the basement, etc, to alert you to the presence of water.

Safeguard your home and family with a smart home system and fire alarm from Oberlander.

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