Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras

Even with the best security systems, there are situations where only home security cameras can give you the total security you may need.  Home video security enables you to view what is presently occurring, or what has happened, at a specific door, or part of your home. You can not only you keep a close watch on a specific area; but, should something occur, the security footage can provide evidence for law enforcement and the courts.

Oberlander’s experienced video security experts will partner with you to determine the best system for your needs. We will consider some of these questions in designing your home security camera system.

  • How far away can the cameras be mounted?
  • What light is available in the areas to be covered?
  • Will you store the video on a machine in your home, in the cloud, or both?
  • How long will you need to store the video?
  • Do you need the cameras mounted covertly?

Indoor and Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Oberlander Alarms designs and installs a wide range of video surveillance equipment, from very basic home security cameras, to sophisticated high-definition video surveillance and recording systems.  When combined with an effective home security alarm, a residential video security system can add to your security and peace of mind.  Video security can increase the effectiveness of the other security measures you have put into place in your home.

Home owners in the Peoria area need a video surveillance system to keep all areas of their homes safe.

Contact Oberlander Alarms now for an evaluation of your home’s video security needs at no obligation.