Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Oberlander Alarms is not just another company selling alarm equipment.  Our customers also enjoy commercial alarm monitoring, in a top-quality monitoring center that is UL Listed.

Not only do we provide security consulting and commercial security systems, we also provide 24/7 commercial alarm monitoring with almost instantaneous response times.  This means you get help from police, fire, and emergency services faster, when seconds count.

Our Professional Monitoring Center Means:

  • No long delays or system outages.
  • When you call, you will get a response from a real person.
  • A trained dispatcher will monitor your system, and will speak to you and/or the authorities.  Each dispatcher is selected carefully, and thoroughly trained to handle all types of alarms and situations.

Our commercial alarm monitoring center supports the commercial security system installed at your business. The monitoring center management thoroughly trains our staff to respond to any alarm situation on your property.  Whether it’s a door alarm, access control breach, or a fire alarm, our staff will first review information from the security system, and verify the alarm.  After an alarm event is received, you can be assured that the monitoring center will dispatch the appropriate authorities, and notify you as soon as possible.

Our alarm monitoring center is UL listed.  This means it continues to meet the highest standards in the industry.

Some small business owners try to self-monitor their own alarms.  Though some alarm systems do provide technology to enable this, most security and law enforcement professionals agree that this should not be a substitute for a professional alarm monitoring.

With Oberlander Alarms, your business will be protected by the top professional monitoring center available.

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