Commercial Alarm Systems


Custom Commercial Alarm Systems and Business Security Systems

Oberlander Alarms has been on the forefront of commercial alarm systems and business security in Central Illinois for over 50 years.  Today, our trained commercial security consultants will analyze your company’s specific needs, and design a unique business alarm system that will provide 24-hour intrusion detection.  Whether your business security needs include a stand-alone security system, or an integrated system with intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, and possibly fire detection, Oberlander Alarms has the cutting-edge commercial alarm systems to meet your needs.

We use only the most reliable, best-in-class equipment made by Honeywell, GE, and Bosch. Our professional staff will install your equipment, and then inspect it, to ensure your commercial alarm system is operating correctly, and providing worry-free operation.  Then you can rest assured, knowing that your business alarm system is backed by a local company.  We take pride in building long-term relationships with our customers.

Our Commercial Alarm Systems Include:

  • Protection against burglary
  • Fire protection
  • Environmental Monitoring (i.e.: computer room getting too hot, or water damage)
  • Security for Safes
  • Hold up/Duress/Panic Buttons

Have peace of mind knowing that:

  • The doors of your business are closed.
  • You are able to secure separate areas of the building at different times
  • Our UL field-certified systems may qualify you for insurance discounts.

With our Access Control Security Systems:

  • There is no need to give out keys to employees or others
  • You no longer need to change locks after an employee is no longer working for you
  • You can restrict access to critical areas
    • computer room
    • storage/supply closet
    • You are able to control employees’ access to building
      • on specific time schedules
      • when they are only allowed in certain areas
    • You have a record of when employees enter and leave

Our video surveillance and security camera systems:

  • Allow you to watch over your property
  • Are a deterrent to burglary and vandalism
  • Can reduce inventory shortages and employee theft

Learn more about our security camera systems here.

Our Interactive Services for Commercial Security (powered by can allow you to:

  • Arm or disarm your alarm system from a computer, smart phone, or web enabled device.
  • Receive an email or text message when your alarm is armed or disarmed.
  • Receive email or text message if your alarm is not turned on by certain time.
  • Receive email or text message if critical areas of your business are accessed, even when the alarm is disarmed.

We use only the most reliable, cutting-edge technology in our commercial alarm systems:

          • Complete Fire Safety Systems
            We offer a full range of fire safety systems for small businesses up to larger complex systems that are all designed to keep you and your employees safe.
          • Complete Burglary Security Systems
            We offer a full range of security systems to keep your employees and your assets safe.
          • Access Control – Including Intercoms
            Secure your facility and create accountability for employee actions. Who, where and when can be controlled. Intercom systems can be added for increased communications and productivity.
          • Video Surveillance
            Video survelliance can help you keep tabs on your business or home from any remote location. You can view cameras and recorded video via a laptop or desktop computer, or most web-enabled devices (smart phones)with the most highly secure Internet connection available.
          • Alarm Communication Systems
            We offer a wide range of alarm communication products that are a reliable solution for the transmission of alarm signals.

          Contact us for a no-obligation analysis of your business security needs.