Commercial Video Surveillance


Security Cameras and Commercial Video Surveillance

Oberlander Alarms has best-in-class video security systems with the right equipment for any commercial video surveillance needs.

Our security experts will design a system to fit your specific requirements, based on our security analysis of your property.

From the most affordable video security cameras, to the most advanced HD IP video security cameras, and wireless networked video security cameras, we offer a complete range of cameras and equipment.

When we combine superior security strategy, with top-level security cameras, and video analytics, we can provide the highest quality system design and monitoring services.

Our commercial video surveillance systems:

  • are an effective burglary and robbery deterrent.
  • can increase productivity and decrease employee theft.
  • be your “eyes” when you are not on the premises.
  • can be accessed remotely via smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • enable you to watch traffic patterns.
  • reduce inventory theft and shortages.
  • can be used for identification.
  • allow you to observe day to day activities.
  • work day or night, with low light cameras.
  • can see in complete darkness with infrared cameras.

Video Guard Services

Through new video technology, we can now be your “virtual guard,” watching your business through video surveillance and security cameras.  Our video guard services:

  • utilize video analytics to activate an alarm generated by real time events.
  • can be performed on a pre-set schedule.
  • video clips can be emailed directly to you, so you’ll see exactly what our operators saw.

Contact us for a no-obligation evaluation of your commercial video surveillance needs.