Surveillance Camera Systems for Business

Video Surveillance Security

Video Surveillance Camera Systems for Business

Oberlander Alarms knows that there is more to video security than just selling surveillance camera systems. That’s why our specialists take the time to understand the unique requirements of your business, your location, and your business environment. Whether these requirements are due to day-to-day conditions, business needs, or outside regulations or requirements, we include them when designing a system. Custom designing the video surveillance camera system for each of our clients ensures that it has all the capabilities it needs to keep your business safe and secure.

If you are not satisfied with the service you are currently receiving from your present security company, contact us, and discover the difference that the leading Peoria video security company with over 50 years of hard-earned success can deliver. We are large enough to provide the service and expertise you need, and still know our customers personally.

We are a family-owned business, and consider your company a part of our family.

Offices: From protecting against vandalism to loss prevention, today’s offices can be challenging environments to keep secure. Our surveillance camera system for your office will be custom designed to meet your unique requirements, which can include: access control. asset protection, or regulatory requirements. Keep your office safe for your employees and customers with Oberlander Alarms.

Retail Stores: Whether you operate a jewelry store, a specialty store, or a supermarket, the bulk of your investment is in your overhead and inventory. Securing your inventory from theft, ensuring that every transaction is complete and legitimate, reducing inventory losses, and optimizing employee productivity are keys to success in retail. Our integrated video surveillance camera systems reduce shrinkage, protect assets, and drive profitability.

Commercial Businesses: We know there is more to security than equipment. We will design a video security system that effectively meets the unique needs of your business. This can include video surveillance of key areas, access control, and our 24 hour Virtual Video Guard Service.

Warehouses: Oberlander Alarms is experienced in the unique environment and security challenges that are a part of having a warehouse in Central Illinois. From video surveillance for key areas, access control, or loss prevention, we’ve got you covered with a custom security system that will meet your needs and specifications.

Farms: If you are a farmer, you know the unique challenges of protecting the tractors and equipment that are the heart of your business, as well as keeping your family safe and secure. Whether it is controlling access to your gasoline pump, or keeping your livestock safe, you can rely on us to create a video surveillance system that will meet your needs and give you peace of mind.

Churches: Maintaining an open environment and welcoming atmosphere within the constraints of today’s budgets is a challenge for every religious institution. From the smallest chapels to the largest multi-site worship centers, Oberlander Alarms offers integrated security solutions that will meet the unique needs of your church. We help you protect the safety of your congregation, staff and visitors – providing peace of mind, while also protecting your facilities against vandalism, theft, and incidents that disrupt worship.

Contact us for a no obligation analysis of your security needs for your business.

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