Spring is here

Spring is here, thank goodness after the record-breaking winter. As you start your traditional spring cleaning here are some security tips to keep in mind:

In the spring many homeowners leave doors and especially windows unlocked while they are away or sleeping. While the fresh air can be welcoming, open windows and doors are also inviting for intruders. Windows can be purchased with intruder deterrents or installing a bolt or screw in the channel may help keep unwanted visitors outside. If you have an alarm system it can include window vent contacts or window screens that can be wired to your alarm, allowing you to leave the window open and your security system armed. (For more information about these products in Peoria, Illinois contact us.)

Be sure to put ladders away when the job is finished and encourage your neighbors to not leave ladders out over night.

Look at your house numbers, are they broken or are they visible from the street? Consider purchasing new numbers to ensure emergency assistance, such as the police, fire, or ambulance can locate your home quickly.

If you’re going on spring break this year, make your home looks “lived-in” while you’re away.  To reduce the likely hood of becoming a victim of a home burglary, install an alarm system. Many alarm systems now have the ability to allow you to remotely access lights or even the thermostat in your home. Not only do these features give the appearance that you’re at home, they also allow you to come home to a lighted front porch and perfect temperature environment.

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