Fire Alarms

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Fire Alarms

Whether you need a simple fire alarm system, a panel for a sprinkler system, or a complex interactive system, businesses and home owners rely on Oberlander Alarms’ experienced professionals to design, install, inspect, and service the fire alarm that fits your unique needs and environment.  We have over 50 years’ experience protecting Central Illinois businesses and homes with cost-effective fire alarms.

Because we are not an equipment manufacturer, or a large national alarm firm, we are able to design the optimal fire alarm system for your business or home, based on an unbiased analysis of the equipment that will best protect your family or employees, and property.

Fire Alarm System Design and Installation

Oberlander Alarms’ staff, who are experts in fire alarms, will complete a thorough analysis of your home or business, and select the optimal components and equipment to include in your system. Our team of engineers and technicians will furnish you with the fire alarm and fire detection equipment that not only meets your needs, but provides the best value for your investment. This may include:

• Conventional Fire Detection Products
• Addressable Fire Detection Products
• Audio/Visual Notification Appliances
• Elevator Recall
• UL Certification
• Fire Alarm Control Panels
• Fire Alarm System Networks
• Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems
• Access Control and Security

We test, inspect, and service your fire alarm system.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) mandates that fire alarms be tested regularly. In addition, local fire codes and your insurance company may require frequent testing. Our staff of trained technicians can regularly test, inspect, and service your fire alarm system to meet all required codes and facility specifications.

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